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Études is an invitation-only private-based program that competes 1-3 solos in the contemporary and classical genres. These dancers attend Youth American Grand Prix (YAGP) as well as American Dance Competition | Youth International Ballet Competition (ADC | IBC) which are both acclaimed national competitions. 


Friday Schedule

4:30-5:30 PM EST
#990 - Morgan Pondel, Classical
6:15-7:30 PM EST
#1025C - Haydee Medari, Contemporary
#1044C - Brielle Baumgart, Contemporary
#1046C - Olivia Georgy, Contemporary
8:15-9:40 PM EST
#1080C - Greysen Hutchinson, Contemporary
#1057C - Emmy Georgiou, Contemporary
#1063C - Gianna Junge, Contemporary
#1069C - Madeline Woodin, Contemporary


11:45-1:20 PM EST
#1025 - Haydee Medari, Classical
#1044 - Brielle Baumgart, Classical
#1046 - Olivia Georgy, Classical
#1046.2 - Olivia Georgy, Classical

2:00-4:00 PM EST
#1057 - Emmy Georgiou, Classical
#1063 - Gianna Junge, Classical
#1069 - Madeline Woodin, Classical
#1080 - Greysen Hutchinson, Classical
#1063.2 - Gianna Junge, Classical

4:30-6:00 PM EST
#1122C - Ella Beers, Contemporary


11:45-2:00 PM EST
#1122 - Ella Beers, Classical
#1122.2 - Ella Beers, Classical

6:00-6:45 PM EST
#417 - Olivia Georgy & Greysen Hutchinson, Classical Pas De Deux

To all of our Études dancers, we want to say


Our Études dancers performed beautifully at YAGP's Chicago October and January competitions! Please look forward to our future competition ADC | IBC in Atlanta. Check out our studio calendar for more information.

We proudly announce that Olivia, one of our talented Études dancers, has achieved a remarkable placement in the top 12 of YAGP's junior contemporary category during the October competition.

We are even more elated to share that Olivia placed in the top 12 for both the junior contemporary and classical categories, Greysen Hutchinson placed in the top 12 for the junior classical category, and the two also placed 2nd in the junior small ensemble category during the January Competition.


We are so proud of each of our Études dancers for their hard work and talent!

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